Rapid Fire - Copying live data on IBM i.

Rapid Fire Plug-in

Hi, this is the home of the Rapid Fire plug-in for IBM Rational Developer for i.

Version: 1.1.12.r


The Rapid Fire Open Source Project delivers a high quality and reliable solution for copying data while production is active.

Do you have files with millions or even billions of records? Imagine you have to change such a file e.g. a new field has to be added. Possibly you have the time to install this change at the weekend. But what if your shop works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week? In this case it is absolutely necessary to reduce the time needed for the installation to avoid a long shutdown of the system.

This is the point Rapid Fire comes in. With Rapid Fire it is possible to reduce the downtime of your system to a minimum. Instead of shutting down the system for hours or even days you can reduce this with Rapid Fire to minutes.

Rapid Fire features are driven from our ideas and needs, but everybody is encouraged to contribute suggestions and manpower to improve the power of Rapid Fire.

The Rapid Fire Project Team

Task Force IT-Consulting GmbH, Frank Hildebrandt

Tools/400, Thomas Raddatz


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File copy status


The easiest way to install the Rapid Fire plug-in is using Eclipse Marketplace. Search for Rapid Fire:

Eclipse Marketplace

But you can also use the official update site at GitHub:

IBM Rational Developer for i - RDi
Last but not least you can download the local update site as a zip file and install Rapid Fire from there:

GitHub Files
Refer to the Rapid Fire help page for detailed installation instructions.

The Rapid Fire beta version is available here:

IBM Rational Developer for i - RDi

GitHub Files

Refer to the Rapid Fire help (beta version) page for detailed installation instructions.


Visit the Rapid Fire help page.
Ask your questions at the WDSCI-L mailing list at midrange.com.
For bug reports open a ticket at the Rapid Fire Issues page.


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