iSphere - Extensions for IBM's Rational Developer for i

iSphere Plug-in

Hi, this is the home of the iSphere plug-in for IBM Rational Developer for i.

Version: 6.0.4.r


iSphere is an open source plug-in for RDi It delivers high quality extensions for WDSC, RDP and RDi to further improve developer productivity. The current version is .

IBM's current Eclipse based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a huge step beyond SEU, but it still lacks features available only on the green screen. That is where the iSphere Project comes into play, filling in those gaps.

iSphere features are driven from our ideas and needs, but everybody is encouraged to contribute suggestions and manpower to improve the power of iSphere.

The iSphere Project Team

Task Force IT-Consulting GmbH, Frank Hildebrandt

Tools/400, Thomas Raddatz


Peter Colpaert-Dutch Translation
Wim Jongman-Dutch Translation
Nicola Brion-Italian Translation
Marco Riva-Italian Translation
Sam Lennon-Documentation
Buck Calabro-Documentation

Notice: iSphere v3.8.x is the last version that is compatible with RDP 8.0 and WDSCi 7.0. The next iSphere version will require at least RDi


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Objects, spooled files, TODOs Extended search Message file editor Message file compare Data area editor/monitor Job log explorer


The easiest way to install the iSphere plug-in is using Eclipse Marketplace. Search for iSphere:

Eclipse Marketplace

But you can also use the official update site at GitHub:

IBM Rational Developer for i - RDi
Last but not least you can download the local update site as a zip file and install iSphere from there:

GitHub Files
Refer to the iSphere help page for detailed installation instructions.

The iSphere beta version is available here:

IBM Rational Developer for i - RDi

GitHub Files

Refer to the iSphere help (beta version) page for detailed installation instructions.


Visit the iSphere help page.
Ask your questions at the WDSCI-L mailing list at
For bug reports open a ticket at the iSphere Issues page.


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